Nationalism and democracy

Thursday, August 20, 2009Skender
What, though, do we mean by nationalism? The traditional definition is the desire of a people or a language-group to form an independent and unitary state. Seen like that, is it so very different from what we mean by democracy?
To the democratic radicals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the two concepts were inseparable.
"The Plan - Twelve months to renew Britain" by Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan.

Government spending

Saturday, August 15, 2009Skender
Governments don't tax to get the money they need, governments will always find a need for the money they get.
Ronald Reagan (Hat tip: LVB)

Under EU "protection"

JOURNALIST AND author Nell McCafferty wants to live “under the protection of the EU” and not “in a country ruled exclusively by this or any other Irish government” [an insanely stupid comment - she has let the cat out of the bag by admitting the real purpose of EU integration]
The connolly column

Krijgsheren in een cultuuroorlog

Het netwerk dat de ontsnapte gangsters assistentie, dekking en een onderkomen gaf, overlapt voor een flink deel met het islamfundamentalistische terreurnetwerk dat vanuit Brussel opereert. Het gaat om dezelfde personen, en vooral, om dezelfde gevoelsmatige, culturele en religieuze onderstromen die in deze schotelantenne-cultuur gisten, vooral bij de jeugd. Mohammed, Youssef, en de anderen, zijn niet alleen slachtoffers van kansarmoede, maar (vooral) krijgsheren in een cultuuroorlog, zeer bewonderd door hun achterban.
Johan Sanctorum op Visionair België

Farmhands refuse water

The committee, made up of representatives from Italy's two largest agricultural associations and three biggest trade unions, has issued an order making it obligatory for farm labourers to drink water while working The order, which comes in the middle of a heatwave, will extend throughout the summer into the fast of Ramadan, which this year starts on August 20.
Committee President Roberto Cagliari, who also leads the Mantua chapter of agricultural organisation Coldiretti, said the decision had been taken in order to protect workers in the province's tomato and melon fields. ''We made the order because we want to safeguard the health of our workers as much as possible,'' he said. ''The refusal to drink water on the part of various farmhands in melon fields during Ramadan last year created considerable problems''.
But a representative of the Mantuan Islamic community, Ben Mansour, said the order was illegal and unnecessary. ''There is no work contract and no legal provision requiring us to drink during Ramadan and if any Muslim worker is fired for this, then we will contest it,'' he said.
Islam in Europe